Académie du Jeudi

Official retailer of Arno Stern equipment

For more than seven decades, young and old people have painted in Arno Stern’s Closlieu. Arno Stern has constantly designed and tested all the materials made to match the needs of the Play Of Painting.

L’Académie du Jeudi (Thursday Academy) is the official retailer of these materials.

Arno Stern Materials

We have chosen the best quality for each item presented in this catalog. Our manufacturers know that we are demanding, and loyal if they give us satisfaction.
Some of the materials we have selected are French handcrafted, others come from Switzerland and Germany. You will not find elsewhere these exclusive articles, adapted, by their specific qualities, to the Play Of Painting and which are, permanently, controlled in the Closlieu.

How to order

Please submit orders for Arno Stern equipment by e-mail to the following address:

The content of the message should include:

  • ordered accessories
  • shipping address
  • phone number

In response, you will receive an invoice with the indicated bank account number for the transfer. Your order will be shipped upon receipt of payment.

Da das Gesetz ab dem 1. Januar 2024 jegliche Änderungen an einer Rechnung verbietet, bitten wir Sie, die Rechnungs- und Lieferadresse sowie die Details des gewünschten Materials bei der Bestellung genau zu überprüfen.

Shipping is free for orders over € 160.

9% Ermäßigung für bei Arno Stern Ausgebildete. Bitte erwähnen Sie beim Bestellen: “AUSGEBILDET”


We invite you to download the catalog of products dedicated to the Play Of Painting.

The catalog is available in English, French and German.

For your convenience, the Arno Stern online store will be launched soon.

Katalog auf Deutsch
New: Catalog in English
Catalog in French