February - March 2021

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Online Training Program To Become A Play-Of-Painting™ Servant

Arno Stern offers an online training program to the profession of Play-Of-Painting Servant.

This program – both theoretical and practical – lasts for 5 weekends, and its content is equivalent to several
semesters of course.

This concentrated class formula was designed to offer the best economic terms to people coming from far away, in order to learn a subtle and demanding profession, based on the essential scientific knowledge of Semiology of Expression; It results in a new concept of relations, combining both rigor and respect for the person, a stimulation of the act of expression for those invited to the Play-Of-Painting.

After this training, proven over the years, many sites have been created for the Play-Of-Painting, in countries near and far.

Arno Stern offers the new Servants the possibility to rekindle their knowledge in Resourcing Days. Out of any rigid structure, he wishes to maintain the contact with all those he has trained, to help them in their achievements and answer all questions that may arise in the course of their work.

Starting from 2014, the scanning of paintings, archived by Arno Stern since 1947, has enabled an innovative HDdisplay that amplifies original phenomena and gives a new appeal to the training program.

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Becoming a play-of-painting™ servant

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Training details


Illustrated lectures and Q&A, with a new approach to the act of tracing and the relationship with the tracer. Arno Stern provides a live, interactive and online training program. Non-real-time program will not be available.

Date and schedule

5 weekends From September 17th to October 17th 2021

  • Fridays of September 17th, 24th October 1st, 8th, 15th
    From 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm
  • Saturdays of September 18th, 25th October 2nd, 9th, 16th
    From 9:00 am to 12:00 am and 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm
  • Sundays of September 19th, 26th October 3rd, 10th, 17th
    From 9:00 am to 12:00 am and 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
  • A Non-member or Person with funding 4600.00 €uros
  • B Member of I.R.S.E-A.S..: 4000.00 €uros

    • Training: 1800.00 €uros
    • Membership to I.R.S.E.-A.S.: 2200.00 €uros

Payment terms: see registration form page 5 and the
membership form page 6.


Please download the English Flyer, with all details and the registration forms or sign up for the training using the online form


The ability to trace appears very early among little children’s gestures. The very first traces are dependent on functional motor abilities. They then grow, following a programmed inner process, and not, as some have claimed, through the children’s observation of their environment.

Arno Stern has given the name Formulation to the set of signs born out of this natural sequence. Formulation is not limited to a given age. It is part of each phase of every human being’s life.

The increased interest in children’s drawings, first appeared in the 19th century, led from the beginning to faulty assumptions. Some children have been considered more gifted for drawing than others. Children’s drawings have either been used to communicate, or considered to be merely a step on the path towards the arts. A threefold mistake, on the basis of which artistic education has been developed, as well as art therapy, in more recent years. There is a completely different vision of the Trace, which is neither limited to childhood, nor pertained to the arts.

Expressing oneself

Mankind has always used traced signs to communicate. The image has allowed to enter into relationship with others other men and with higher powers. But that the trace could be an emission without an intended recipient, this remained an unknown fact.

Yet, it is when it is no longer intended for others – relieved from the necessity to be understood by a recipient – that manifestation of the trace becomes Expression of the Organic Memory, and this has unforeseen consequences. Such aspect of the ability of transmission can only emerge under the right conditions. The Expression is triggered and stimulated in the Closlieu™ (the enclosed place) which shelters it from influences and distractions.

Imagine this place, away from daily life pressure! Imagine the reunion, in this place, of a dozen persons who have unlearned competition, because what is being enhanced here is their diversity – diversity of age, personality, and origins. Finally, imagine an activity that has the virtues of a game and the seriousness of a task in which are concentrated all the abilities of one’s being.

But is it possible to imagine such an involvement – a task driven by an inner necessity, and which will not produce artwork? It needs no further explanation and provides a pleasure never felt before because, through this Trace, is released a very ancient organic retention. Formulation is theonly manifestation of the Organic Memory. This is what the Trace in the Closlieu is. It belongs to a coherent and universal system; it can be expressed by all beings, regardless of their social conditioning

Realize oneself

Arno Stern created the Closlieu seventy years ago. There, because one’s expression arises freely, pure from any influences that could affect and diminish it, Arno Stern discovered Formulation and was able to study it in all its originality. He has then furthered his research work through stays with indigenous peoples of the desert and rainforest, at a time (1960s-70s) when formal education had not touched them yet, and having chosen tribes who had never drawn anything. These experiments have enabled him to show the universal nature of Formulation.

The attention paid to the mechanisms of Formulation rules out any curiosity for its content. Understanding its function is a scientific approach and it is completely different from drawings’ interpretation.

Knowing what Formulation is guards against astonishment, intrusiveness, interpretation and appropriation. The Play-Of-Painting Servant acquires a respectful attitude toward the person and the person’s Trace.

Painting in the Closlieu is not a therapy; but it does prevent the need for therapy, in the sense that it stimulates everyone’s capacity for self-empowerment. It boosts precisely all the natural abilities that have been stifled by culture, and it makes each being, whenever he or she begins to engage in Formulation, a more accomplished person.


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