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Expression Semiology


A New Science




Formulation is studied at R. I. S. E. (The Research Institute for the Semiology of Expression), in immediate contact with the graphic act and among collections assembled from fifty years' worth of documents from the Closlieu. Research authenticity is guaranteed by the spontaneous and unadulterated nature of this manifestation.


These collections are unique in the world, for two reasons:


They permit one to follow Formulation's evolution, from its beginnings in the small child, through adulthood, thus revealing the existence of an Expression beyond the known limits of drawing.


They also contain, on thousands of sheets, the first Traces made by peoples living in virgin forests, deserts, and the brush. These were not collected at chance meetings but obtained, like those from the Closlieu, under conditions preserving the natural Trace.


They permit the affirmation that Formulation is linked to the genetic code and represents organic memory's sole means of expression.





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