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Closlieu, Play of Painting and Arno Stern Training Course

Excerpts from the webinar with André Stern

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00:00 Home

00:54 Preamble: Le Closlieu, reading of illustrated excerpts from Arno and André Stern’s new book, “Poser sur nos enfants les yeux de la confiance,” published on February 1, 2023, by Éditions Marabout

8:39 The training course: history from the 1980s to today

16:21 Question: what are the times and content of the training course?

19:36 How many weekends does the training course occupy?

20:12 Do you offer the training course asynchronously?

21:45 Do you have Closlieu in public schools in France?

22:18 Are there Closlieu with disabled, autistic children?

24:01 Further response to the question of Closlieu in schools.

24:26 How many people do you take at any one time in the training group?

24:52 Does the training course include a practical part with the Play of Painting?

27:27 Is there only online training course anymore, and not face-to-face at all?

27:52 How much does training course cost?

29:02 Can teachers become Play of Painting servant in their class?

30:48 [Comment]

31:46 Are there any prerequisites and/or equipment you need to have at home in order to do the training?

33:00 Do we receive a certificate at the end of the training?

33:51 Are there still annual, or bi-annual, meetings to support the training and the Play of Painting servants in operation?

34:21 Conclusion and credits

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Webinar recorded on 09/02/2023

Directed by: Pauline Stern

Closlieu films: Erwin Wagenhofer, Alina Teodorescu & Sorin Dragoi

Music: André Stern

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