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In order to avoid any misuse or abuse of my work, I decided to entrust the I.R.S.E. Arno Stern Institute for Research into the Semiology of Expression with all my archives, which are unique in their kind, as well as all the associated teaching material.
Together with Michèle, my wife, Eléonore and André, our children, and Pauline, who has now joined us, I have built up these archives and developed this teaching material, which is now protected by the registered trademarks Arno Stern – Closlieu – Malort – Jeu de Peindre – Malspiel – Écologie de l’Enfance – Ökologie der Kindheit. The use of these terms is subject to prior approval.
The I.R.S.E.-Arno Stern is forever the depositary of my work.
All my documents are protected by copyright on behalf of the I.R.S.E.-AS.
Certification for workshops wishing to be listed on the website is currently being set up.
The company « Arno Stern Training » was set up to provide training in the profession of Jeu de Peindre Servant: it is the only organisation authorised to use the teaching material protected by the I.R.S.E.-AS. This guarantees a single, recognised source for « Arno Stern » training.
Since March 2020, again with my team, I have been developing an online course, the benefits of which are so spectacular that I have decided not to offer any other form of course. The online formula makes it possible to use technologies, presentations and content that I had always dreamed of. At last it’s possible to produce the near-immersive presentations I’d always wanted. These, combined with the invaluable video recordings made since 2021 during the courses I’ve run, will make it possible, thanks to the platform we’ve developed, to deliver my courses even in the distant future, a certainty I feel privileged to have.
I wanted to announce all these developments personally and officially, and to make it clear that they are being put in place at my request, in accordance with my wishes, and that I have approved every point.
Chouppes, 22 May 2022,
Arno Stern