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The official Arno Stern training course that I have been offering for 6 decades has always evolved.

I have put all my experience and expertise into ensuring that this training is absolutely complete and leaves no gaps in the understanding of both the scientific study of Formulation and the Play of Painting Servant’s practice, be it in my previous “face-to-face” training courses or, since 2020, in the online training courses.

It is my duty to guarantee this to all those who follow this course. When they complete it, they have absolutely all the knowledge they need to exercise as Play of Painting Servants.

That’s why I’d like to stress here that I’m totally opposed to all offers of further training, continuing education, supervision or anything else that is supposed to complement or extend the official Arno Stern training. All the more so as I myself have always offered free follow-up to all the people I have trained. We answer all their questions, and support them as they set up their ateliers and when they encounter difficulties in their practice. We also organise regular meetings so that all our trainees can meet and talk to each other and to us. That’s why thousands of people trained by me have been practicing this profession for many years, without ever needing any additional training.

I would like to take this opportunity to point out that only this official Arno Stern training course, offered by Arno Stern Training on the website, allows the use of the trademarks Closlieu, Play of Painting, Arno Stern, Malort and Malspiel. It is also the only one to qualify for the Arno Stern certification, which will be introduced shortly.

Yours sincerely,

Arno Stern