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Arno Stern


A Brief Biography



Arno Stern's life and work are inextricably linked.


In 1946, at the age of 22, he entered an institution for war orphans.  He got the children painting, and immediately understood the primordial role of the play inspired by this activity, for which he created an original environment.


He then established a studio in Paris (in Saint-Germain-des-Prés).  It became famous in the 1950s as The Thursday Academy and operated there for 33 years before moving to the neighborhood of the Madeleine in 1987.


Arno Stern's spectacular achievements have been widely featured by the media.


Arno Stern has participated in conferences in many cities, including Berkeley, Barcelona, Trevise, and Ravenna.  In Bristol he served as a technical expert for UNESCO.  He has given countless lectures and courses at universities, museums, teachers’ colleges, and cultural centers.


He has established studios in hospitals and has trained practitioners who have created them in pediatric medical centers, schools, social centers, and cultural institutions.


For 10 years the City of Paris has provided him with premises in which he founded the School for Practitioners of Creative Education, which welcomes students from countries around the world.  He has also given training courses in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, the Czech Republic, Spain, Venezuela, and Canada.




An attentive witness to the manifestation aroused in the exceptional conditions of the Closlieu (the name given to the studio, which also serves as an ideal research laboratory), Arno Stern discovered Formulation.  He explored it and understood its workings, but has never allowed himself to attempt to interpret it.





He extended his field of study through stays with indigenous peoples in Mauritania, Peru, Niger, Mexico, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Guatemala, and New Guinea.


He founded a new scientific domain, Expression Semiology, or the semiology of expression, and gave it a framework through the creation of R.I.S.E. (The Research Institute for the Semiology of Expression) in 1987.


Several hundred practitioners have been trained by Arno Stern.  Many others have benefited, directly or indirectly, from his discoveries. Arno Stern’s message beckons all those who believe in the unexplored qualities of human beings, qualities to which an experience stripped of artifice can give natural and regenerative expression and a creative attitude in life.


Arno Stern's work is well-known in the world of pedagogy.  Yet, as is proven by the discussions that follow each of his public lectures, it answers more widespread questioning and expectations that have become increasingly insistent at this turning point in the evolution of our society.


Arno Stern's discoveries highlight the existence of a primordial display that, due to lack of recognition, is in serious danger of extinction.  Arno Stern proposes the salvation of heretofore-ignored natural human faculties.









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