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Primary Objective: Spread the Word



Arno Stern has liberated painting from the limits of communication. In creating the Closlieu, he made previously-incommunicable Expression possible.


His pedagogy is based on the absolute respect of the individual. It gives the practitioner an uncommon function, not at all that of a master, but that of a servant of an exhilarating form of play. Through this play each being develops latent and unsuspected capacities.


Training in this pedagogical technique is given by Arno Stern personally, in Paris and in other countries.


An exceptional opportunity arises for the Upcoming Training Sessions given by Arno Stern to be held on April 2018: a person will participate the training course with a French/English Interpreter.


It has been decided that other trainees will be able to have access to this translation through head phones. It is the first time we have the chance to offer such an opportunity and we are not able to assure that this will occur again.


Please find here the flyer translated in English, with the registration forms (You can send it by email if you have access to a scan or print the document and send it by post mail).




Other Courses


The next intensive training classes in French will be held in Paris, also at R.I.S.E., see "Formation".

The next intensive training classes in German will be held in Paris, also at R.I.S.E., see "Ausbildung".


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