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The Creative Education Practitioner


A Closlieu Servant



In order for the graphic act to occur, freed of all impediments, a practitioner's stimulating presence is necessary. The practitioner neither teaches, nor judges, nor comments on the Trace. The practitioner's role is that of a servant.



 In order to fill this role, the practitioner must be familiar with the laws of Formulation. This knowledge protects the practitioner against astonishment, indiscretion, intervention, or monopolization. The Closlieu practitioner has acquired a respectful attitude towards the person and the person's Trace.


 The attention focused on the mechanics of Formulation deliberately excludes all interest in its content. Understanding its workings is a scientific process completely different from the interpretation of drawings.




Arno Stern, the leading practitioner of Creative Education, conducts seminars and training courses throughout the world. His books fill a need as much pedagogic as scientific.
















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