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A Universal Phenomenon



1 - Introduction


 Expression Semiology is a new science. Its study is based on heretofore-ignored phenomena, the knowledge of which is capable of changing the way the Trace is considered.


Semiologic study considers the universal characteristics of the graphic act.  It avoids all subjective interpretation.


It reveals a manifestation called "Formulation."


Formulation is a complex, original, structured, and universal manifestation.


Conditions propitious to the emergence of Formulation are:


A place sheltering the person from pressure and outside influences.


The presence of others, not as spectators but as playmates who agree to the transmission, giving it its character of non-communication and normality.


The presence of a practitioner, who is not a reference figure or receiver of what is formulated.  The practitioner’s role is that of a servant.


These conditions come together in the Closlieu.


Formulation is neither an offshoot nor a characteristic of any particular socio-cultural environment.  It is not the result of an apprenticeship, but rather of a training that develops innate aptitudes and orients them towards this manifestation and not towards the creation of communicative works.



2 - Characteristics of Formulation...


Formulation appears very early among the needs of small children. It evolves according to a programmed scheme and never disappears.


It possesses its own repertory of figures.  It is separate from art, from which it borrows neither elements, nor laws, nor habits.



3 - The Practice of Formulation...


The practice of Formulation - play rather than therapy - satisfies unfilled needs. It results in personality-fortifying balance and fulfillment.


This practice also develops great expertise and consciousness of abilities, deeply engaging the person, regardless of his or her age, experience, or position in life.


Whoever practices Formulation is freed from dependence on models and develops positive autonomy.


Whoever finds him or herself through this natural play never resorts to violence for self-affirmation and does not seek refuge in drugs for consolation or comfort. The act of Formulation is vital, and in the conditions of the Closlieu, it develops the need for self-affirmation and relationships with others, in a perfect equilibrium that excludes all competition.







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