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Formulation – A Universal Phenomenon

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Indigenous Peoples - Gestures of Universal Expression

Creative Education – A Profession, An Attitude

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R. I. S. E.

(Research Institute for the Semiology of Expression)

The Closlieu - Arno Stern Studio


61 rue Falguière

75015 Paris

 Métro : Pasteur (lignes 6 Etoile-Nation et 12 Maire d’Issy-Pte de la Chapelle)

Gare Montparnasse à proximité

Bus : 88, 91, 95, et 39, 70, 89


Telephone and fax: +33 (0)1 45 48 75 55


e-mail address: arnostern@arnostern.com

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Arno Stern's Training License Number: 11 75 24 653 75

Arno Stern's Business Identification Number: 90508056100012

APE Code: 804 D




Painting in the Closlieu

Registration may occur at the start of the school year (October through June, excluding school vacations) or during the year.

Arno Stern conducts pre-enrolment interviews, by appointment, Wednesday and Saturday afternoons.





Information on Arno Stern's

German-language seminars and courses:


Address above

Information hotline: Infoline : 0033 (0) 684 51 47 22



Information on Arno Stern's

Italian-language seminars and courses:


Giovanni Cereghetti

e-mail: giovannicereghetti@hotmail.com

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Via Confine


Telephone: +41 91 646 09 62



Miranda Magni

Via Cerioli 26

24126 Bergame, ITALY

Telephone: +39 03 531 82 26



Information on Arno Stern's

Spanish-language seminars and courses:


Jose-Miguel Castro

General Eguia 1 / 4

48010 Bilbao, SPAIN

Telephone: +34 944 44 30 92






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