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The Closlieu


A space designed to stimulate and protect

the emergence of Formulation











How can the simple and beneficial play of painting be made accessible to all?


By creating conditions necessary to the surmounting of prejudices and inhibitions.


Everyone is capable, like a small child, of devoting him or herself to this play when it occurs in a space designed with that in mind. This space is the Closlieu (from the French "clos", meaning enclosed or enclosure, and "lieu", place).



The results of this play in the Closlieu are not works of art, to be regarded by others and meant to transmit a message, but a paper trace whose emergence, in and of itself, gives complete pleasure to the person who allows it to produce itself.


This paper trace, born of a spontaneous impulse - saved or rediscovered - does not belong to art, but to Formulation.


Arno Stern created the Closlieu fifty years ago. It is there - because the emission is freed of parasitic or reductive influences - that he encountered Formulation and was able to study it in all its originality.



Look at these images of the Closlieu. Imagine this space away from the pressures of everyday life. Imagine the meeting, in this space, of a dozen people who have unlearnt competition because it is their differences that are affirmed here - different ages, personalities, and origins. Finally, imagine an activity that has the virtues of play and the seriousness of a task on which all of a being's faculties concentrate themselves!


Activity in the Closlieu is not therapy, but it prevents the need for therapy, in that it stimulates the capacities that allow individuals to realize themselves. It develops those specific abilities that have been stifled by culture and that make each individual, regardless of the moment at which he or she begins Formulation, a more accomplished person.






If you would like to watch some short films of the Closlieu, you can now download the following videos:


Video 1 (586 Kb - approximate download time 5 min. at 56 Kbs/sec.)




Paint in the Closlieu...


Session Schedule


Wednesday: 4.00 – 5.30 pm


Saturday: 2.00 – 3.30 pm


Sunday: 10.00 am – 12.00 pm



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