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Formulation, a universal phenomenon discovered and studied by Arno Stern between 1950 and 1980



Humanity has always communicated using drawn signs, or Traces.  While these images allowed people to enter into contact with others, a primary function remained unknown.


Once this manifestation is no longer destined for others and is freed of the need to be understood by a receiver it can become the Expression of organic memory.


Drawing appears among small children's earliest gestures. The first Traces are dependent on motor skills.  Their development then follows a programmed process, and is not, as some have thought, based on children’s observation of their environment.




The set of signs born of this sequence has been called Formulation by Arno Stern.


Formulation is a coherent and universal system.  It is not limited by age, but accompanies the life of all human beings throughout all phases of their existence, regardless of their cultural conditioning.



This aspect of the ability of transmission is only revealed under the right conditions.  Formulation is aroused and stimulated in the Closlieu, a specific space that shelters it from influences and distractions.


Formulation is born of an act driven by inner necessity and does not produce an artwork.  It is sufficient unto itself and gives previously-unfelt pleasure in that, through this Trace, an extremely ancient retention is released.  Formulation is the only material manifestation of organic memory (memory of the events of the organism’s formation).


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